La Maison Clergerie Paris

Initially drawn to design and architecture, Robert Clergerie discovered the world of shoes in 1970. He fell in love with the profession and its technical aspects straight away. He perfected his craft over the course of several years working in Romans-sur-Isère, at the heart of the French shoe industry.

In 1978, Robert Clergerie acquired a longstanding manufacturing site in Romans-sur-Isère; in so doing, he gained access to archives dating back to 1895 and the expertise of top shoemakers, a legacy which enabled him to master the entire production process very quickly, on a level in line with his standards.

The Clergerie brand was established in 1981 and opened its first boutique at 5, rue du Cherche-Midi in Paris shortly after.

The rise of an icon

Robert Clergerie was born on 18 July 1934 in Paris, France. In his early thirties, Robert enters the shoe industry and joins Charles Jourdan to run the Xavier Danaud shoe line. After years of collaboration with Mr. Roland Jourdan, Robert decides to start his own shoe business and in 1978 buys Societe Romanaise de la Chaussure (SRC), the maker of the Unic and J. Fenestrier shoes for men. In 1981, Robert launches the Robert Clergerie line for women, which enjoys an immediate success internationally.

“Clothes can be accessorized, but the shoe is essential, and that’s where the challenge lies”
Robert Clergerie

Master of style in shoes design

In the shoe design world, Robert Clergerie’s name is associated with style, simplicity and purity of the design, as well as good fitting. He says “In my designs, I have always endeavoured to apply the fundamental principle of functionality dear to Andre Perugia, a famous shoe designer in the 1920s’, who said that all the difficulty lies in designing a shoe that can support the human body”. In recognition for his contribution to the industry and his original shoe designs, Robert receives the “Best Designer of the Year” award both by US fashion magazine Footwear News in 1987 & 1990, and by the Fashion Footwear Association of New York in 1992. Recognized for his unique designs, Clergerie also entered into the American Fashion Footwear Association’s “Hall of Fame” in 2005.

Made In France

Always designed, developed and produced in France in the Romans factory, the Clergerie collections combine simplicity and innovative design, artisanal know-how and noble and innovative materials. Designing the shoe in an architectural way, using natural materials such as raffia, or mixing masculine and feminine reflect the avant-garde approach of the brand which imposes its style in the manufacture of high-end shoes by making Goodyear welt its emblematic process.

Clergerie claims to be a brand with a bold, unconventional approach, with a strong aesthetic always enhanced by a touch of elegance.

Clergerie draws its inspiration from the representation of an independent and contemporary woman who defines her elegance. Her shoe underlines her originality without ever making her give up her freedom of movement.

A mix of tradition and modernity

Melding modern techniques and traditional craftsmanship with the selection of creative and innovative materials and structures, Clergerie’s focuses on comfort and the perfect fit.

The house has cultivated a strong visual identity of
signature themes and iconic looks: Masculine/feminine styles, strong heels, graphic blocks, Goodyear stitching, wood & raffia.